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What do previous clients have to say about working with Jenni…

“Two years ago, I was in a car wreck. I had one year of physical therapy and have been under chiropractic care and massage therapy ever since. After being strongly encouraged by my chiropractor to engage in Pilates to strengthen and stabilize my back, hip and neck I reluctantly relented and agreed to follow up with Jenni. To be honest I planned on going for 3-6 months and then drop it. I had joined any number of gyms and exercise programs in the past and as soon as they had my money, they were done with me …. and rarely did I follow through for any length of time because I grew bored and saw little if any results.

From the beginning Jenni was different. She listened intently to what injuries I still struggled with and what I had done to recover. At each step she demonstrated genuine concern about how I was tolerating the new exercise. When I had times, I was nauseous and struggling with back pain I would receive phone calls … during the afternoon, evening and even weekends. This encouraged me to keep going. Other times I would leave wondering if this was doing me any good as I didn’t have that “just worked out” feeling.

However, I began to notice an increased tolerance of movement and yard work. My clothes became looser and I felt stronger and less pain and fatigue. It has now been over a year and while there are still times my back offers challenges, I am able to pick up heavy boxes and do yard work with little discomfort and effort. It is now inconceivable to me that I would stop working with Jenni and taking advantage of what she and Pilates have to offer. I have achieved goals with Jenni that I didn’t reach with PT. I encourage everyone to give her a try!!!”

Peggy S.

RN, 69 yrs old

It’s a great work out and I feel myself getting stronger, flexable, and I pay to have this done. Having so much fun. Thank you Jenni

Symonette E.

Jenni is awesome. It is amazing how great I feel after 2 sessions. Hip and lower back pain is nearly gone!! Feels so good to stretch and open up!!

Holly A.

Pure awesomeness!

Bethany S.

Thanks Jenni. I gave you a hug because you push in a gentle way, you know when it is time to hold back and when to try something different. The variety of exercises has made me stronger. I appreciate your guidance and expertise immensely


Pilates has made such a difference in body function. It helps me to balance. My posture is better, I don’t have pains I used to.  By using a reformer, I can stretch beyond what I can do on my own, maintaining flexibility and movement. Thank you Jenni!

Michele K.

“I’m a 68 year old business woman that used to be an active, athletic person in my youth. I’ll admit that I have never been thin. I’ve had my It knee joint replaced several years ago but am in need of having my rt knee taken care of. Also I have been labeled a type 2 diabetic for the last 38 years. I was tired of being unhealthy and needed to start taking care of myself. A friend introduced me to Jeni and the first thing she asked me was what was my goal. I was going to be a new grandma and my son had told me that he wanted me to get myself fit enough so I could help teach his son to snow ski. I hadn’t skied for about 10 years and that was my 1st goal. That meant I needed to firm up my flabby legs and lose enough weight for the surgeons to approve knee surgery. Jeni was up for the challenge and helped me to firm my flabby muscles up so I could ski. The first year we worked I was able to ski at Whistler B.C. I felt like I had been skiing for those 10 years that I missed. Then I was told by the surgeons that I needed to loose weight in order to fix my rt knee. Loosing weight has always been difficult but Jeni was there to encourage and help me with several ideas of how to work with my issues. As of today I have managed to loose 80 lbs and with Jeni’s help and support I’m looking and feeling better than I have since I retired. Working with Jenni isn’t like the big gym experience. There is alot of laughter and fun. She keeps it entertaining and challenging but also accommodates your work out for your limitations. Flexibility and balance is also important. She always is there to help and encourage you to succeed. Pilates is a great way to work out for us older folks and I’m really lucky to have been introduced to “Its Jenni Fitness”.


68 yrs old

“I joined Jenni’s Pilates studio classes on the recommendation of a friend. As a 74 year-old female, I am doing everything I can to stay limber and build strength. Jenni is terrific in guiding me in strengthening specific muscle groups and increasing my flexibility.  In six months, I have experienced a world of difference in my overall strength, energy level and sense of well being.  I highly recommend Jenni as your Pilates instructor. She is exceptional.”


Retired Professor at UW, 74 yrs old

I have been taking Pilates with Jenni for over a year now and have strengthened my core which helps my back and toned my arms and legs, creating elongated muscles rather than bulk.

As we get older it’s so important to be able to keep muscle while maintaining flexibility.

I highly recommend working with Jenni at her Pilates Studio.

Janet N., 57 yrs old

“Jenni is wonderful. She works with everyone to make sure they get what they want/need out of the program. I saw a difference in the first two weeks of working with her!

Amy S.

“It is my pleasure to write a testimony for my cousin and friend, Jenni, who has also been my fitness coach and Pilates instructor for the past 10 months.

Jenni’s gym is spacious, beautiful, and very clean, with 4 Pilates beds and 6+ other fitness machines. My personal favorite is a vibration machine that is so good for arthritis! I have erosive osteoarthritis in my hands. I credit vibration therapy with keeping my hands from getting too crippled to write (erosive osteoarthritis is the fastest acting and most crippling form of arthritis). I have my own machine, but mine is like a Volkswagen Bug, compared to Jenni’s Rolls-Royce! And the Pilates beds are actually fun to work out on!

Jenni makes it so much more fun with music and her individualized support. I’m amazed at how she keeps track of what everyone needs, even in a group of 4 to 5! I always feel stronger after my workouts, even if exhausted! On top of excellent fitness coaching and great equipment, Jenni is well-connected with a diverse holistic network and loves to connect people.”

Patricia Doyle


I absolutely love working out at It’s Jenni. I grew up playing soccer and played at a collegiate level. Being in my late 30’s now I still crave working out but due to hip surgery and issues after I couldn’t run or lift like I used to. I tried everything to get my hip better but it always seemed to hurt after traditional weight training or running. I can honestly say doing Pilates has changed my life. It’s a different type of workout than I’ve ever done before and as I’ve been doing it consistently my hip pain is gone. Being an athlete I was skeptical about what Pilates was and if it would even be challenging enough. But it is! And after every session I feel stronger and better than I ever have. Jenni has been in the fitness industry for years and is amazing at personalizing the workout and modifying if needed to make it work for you. She is very intuitive and knows her stuff about proper form and technique. I’m hooked. The other thing that makes Pilates different is that I never dread or have to get myself pumped up to workout. The whole experience is therapeutic but also a challenging workout. Jenni incorporates breath work into every movement and is so attentive with every movement and form. It’s changed my life. My husband has even noticed the strength I’ve built and I feel so long and lean now. I love it!!!!

Andrea A.

Flight Attendant, 37yrs old

I tell people Jenni gave me my body back. When you get into your 70’s you might think aging puts you in a physical decline. Not true.

For example, Jenni started me lifting weights. I thought, “No way,” when she handed me two 10 pound weights to lift as I jumped, on the pilates reformer. Yet I did it! now I’m up to two 25 pound weights. Woohoo!

Coralee K.

I’ve been going to Jenni for almost 5 years. Best decision I’ve made. She’s also done amazing things for my sister too, who had a total knee replacement and walked 15k steps on vacation. She is also working with her on a shoulder that had surgery and is seeing great improvement.

Tom T.

As a retired health care executive, I started Pilates with Jenni at age 76. In just four months I am much more flexible and stronger than I have been in years and my low back pain is resolved. Jenni is a great guide and teacher who makes the workouts really enjoyable. Highly recommended!

Rick M.

I just have to say I look forward every week to working out with Jenni. I’m getting stronger. And I love that she can adapt the workout to whatever my body needs. She’s holding me accountable, just what I need. Check her out!!

Jenny H.

Jenni is so wonderful! She has extensive knowledge and experience. She really can give me a customized workout that suits my needs for every session. Let’s face it… some days I need more of a meditative and flowing workout, other days I need her to kick my booty!

Angie T.

“and who thought pilates was just for girls!”

“A large pink ball and a Yoga mat is how I used to imagine a Pilates workout. So wrong! Jenni introduced me to Reform Pilates, a full body approach to strengthening and flexibility that is fundamentally different than anything I had experienced in gyms and exercise programs. Effective? I have had episodes of low back pain for about 50 years, which usually led to a PT referral and ineffective results.   After six months working with Jenni, my core strength has never been better. My spine is more flexible and my glute strength and flexibility have improved significantly. I have more energy. And my back pain is gone.”


age 76 "and feeling MUCH younger!"

My husband and I are retired and post 65. We have trained with Jenni for two years both with Pilates and weight training. We have thoroughly enjoyed it! Jenni is knowledgeable, adaptable to our various aches and pains, fun to work with and her fitness studio has everything you need. Five stars!

-Teresa and Mike